Anabel's Grocery

Anabel's Grocery

Our mission is to address food insecurity on Cornell's campus by providing access to healthy, affordable food and increasing food literacy. Our purpose is to develop a student-run grocery store at Cornell that provides financial assistance and educational programs on healthy and cost-effective eating.

We aim to provide food that is: 

  • Affordable,
  • Healthy, and
  • Accessible

By becoming a project of the Center for Transformative Action, Anabel's Grocery seeks to break down social stigmas attached to food aid. To do so, we have implemented a tiered, subsidized payment program to ensure access to healthy, affordable, basic food needs for the entire student body. Additionally, we offer cooking classes, meal planning, and pot and pan rentals, to be proactive in promoting healthier lifestyles. By connecting with local farmers and vendors, we hope to reconnect students to the food they eat and increase our ties with the local economy. We aim to provide the resources to teach students about nutritious eating, how to buy in bulk, and how to use the ingredients in our store to cook on their own.

We believe that cooking is a life skill. We offer classes designed to teach novice cooks how to eat healthy and develop lifelong skills. Our grocery store is for everyone. We strive to meet the needs of individuals from all financial backgrounds to ensure everyone has access to nutritional food.

Anabel's Grocery will be located in the former One World Cafe kitchen off the back parking lot of Anabel Taylor Hall. It will be opening in February 2016!

If you're interested, please connect with us at, on Facebook (, or through our website (



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