Centre d'Education Inclusif Project

Centre d’Education Inclusif Project is a US-based organization whose purposes are to garner resources and funding for the Centre d’Education Inclusif, and to coordinate the communication and activities of the multiple partners involved in this effort in Haiti and at Cornell University.

The Centre d’Education Inclusif  (CEI) is a Haiti-based non-profit organization whose purpose is to design, build, and sustain Haiti’s first fully inclusive primary school in Les Cayes, Haiti. This school will serve as a model of full physical, social, and intellectual access, based in the principles of community, inclusion, sustainability, and universal design.

The idea for CEI came from Haitians who wanted to respond to the exclusion of students with disabilities in their community by building an intentionally inclusive primary school that provides the same high-quality education to those with disabilities as those without.

You can learn more about the CEI on Facebook.

Alexon Grochowski is the project coordinator.  Alexon was recently recognized as one of 19 Incredibly Impressive Cornell Students by Business Insider! She can be reached at ag772@cornell.edu.