Water issues impact everyone, including environmentalists, outdoor enthusiasts, boaters, beach-goers, surfers, clean water activists, swimmers, fishermen… even you! The availability of fresh, clean water is widely thought to be the next global crisis, and many Americans are concerned about pollution of the nation’s rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. The news headlines are filled with topics such as hydro-fracking, privatization of water, and destructive storms occurring more and more frequently.
Despite the pervasiveness of the issue, much of what Americans believe to be true is based on emotional debate and propaganda.  It is therefore imperative that the American public begin taking water stewardship seriously and engage in proactive, fact-based discussion.  CurrentCast wishes to energize a variety of stakeholders –from sportsmen to recreational water users to environmentalists – in an effort to educate the public about water issues, promote an appreciation for aquatic environments, and encourage an educated discussion about this critical resource.
The centerpiece of CurrentCast is a daily 90-second audio program distributed via terrestrial AM/FM radio, satellite radio, and podcast. Each segment directs listeners to one interactive, media-rich website. The bite-sized pieces ofCurrentCast “push” media engage listeners, and encourage them to go online to “pull” videos and more in-depth resources. Because of the integrated nature of this initiative and the range of topics it covers, it will reach a variety of stakeholders and not just traditional environmentalists.    
Each segment is based on an interview with an expert and highlights cutting-edge research in an entertaining and sound-rich format that captures the “minds-eye.” CurrentCast media is designed to be repurposed – shared via social media such as FaceBook and Twitter and made available to like-minded organizations at no cost.  Once the audio portion of the CurrentCast initiative has been established, a video component will be added to augment the online version.  In addition, longer excerpts or full interviews with the experts will be made available on the website for visitors interested in learning more.  

The Team

Bridgett Ennis spent more than 13 years creating scientific and environmental media for the general public at Ithaca-based Finger Lakes Productions International (FLPI). As Project Manager for the daily radio and podcast series Our Ocean World, she worked to promote ocean science and environmental literacy on behalf of many groups, including The Ocean Conservancy, National Marine Sanctuaries Foundation, Boat U.S. Foundation, Smithsonian, and National Science Foundation.  As a Vice President for FLPI, Bridgett oversaw all organizational and financial aspects of business operations including human resources and contract management with corporations, foundations, and government agencies such as Nestlé Purina, the American Society for Microbiology, and Florida Department of Environmental Protection. She is an avid gardener and loves hiking through the Finger Lakes with her black lab, Sammy.

Erika Street is a producer and editor whose films have been broadcast nationally and internationally. She began her career at the Emmy Award-winning studio, Log In Productions, where she gained experience working on documentaries that address a need for social change. At FLPI, she served as Project Manager for The EnvironMinute and Animal Instincts radio and podcast series, and was responsible for developing stories, identifying and contacting appropriate interviewees, and working with editorial partners, writers, and the production team to ensure adherence to the broadcast schedule.  Erika enjoys kayaking, and is a former member of the Board of Directors for the Friends of the Montezuma Wetlands Complex.

CurrentCast Advisory Board

David Bell has extensive experience in marketing. He is Chairman Emeritus of the Interpublic Group of Companies, one of the big four global advertising holding companies, is a past chairman of The Ad Council and The Advertising Educational Foundation and is a member of the Advertising Hall of Fame.  David served as Chairman of the Board for the National Forest Foundation for five years.  He provides input on the direction of the project.  
Howard Bell is chairman of the National Advertising Review Board, President Emeritus of the American Advertising Federation, a member of the Advertising Hall of Fame, and   spent ten years as counsel for Washington D.C. based- law firm Wiley Rein. He is a former member of the FLPI Board of Directors and offers continual guidance to the CurrentCast team on strategies for moving forward and leveraging contacts and content.  
Adam Gronski is Vice President of Corporate Marketing at WETA TV 26 / Classical WETA 90.9 FM / Public Broadcasting National Sales.  He was formerly Manager, Corporate Underwriting at WNYC Public Radio in New York.  Adam provides insight into the rules and regulations of public media.
Jon Hilton is the owner of Hiltronex Sound and is a part-time faculty member at Ithaca College.  As a long-time award-winning producer, Jon provides unequaled input into the sound quality, various audio formats, and final media product.
Bud Ward, Editor of The Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media (, was named the 2009 Climate Change Communicator of the Year by George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication. He has twice served as a frequent environmental analyst for NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered.  Bud is a co-founder and now an Honorary Member of the Society for Environmental Journalists, an organization with the stated mission to “strengthen the quality, reach and viability of journalism across all media to advance public understanding of environmental issues.”  Bud is the author of the book “Communicating on Climate Change: An Essential Resource for Journalists, Scientists and Educators,” published with support from the National Science Foundation. He provides assistance in identifying and recruiting independent scientific reviewers and in establishing the scientific credibility of CurrentCast.