Compassionate Communication

Compassionate Communication is an approach to talking and listening that enables people to communicate what they are feeling and needing more effectively. It promotes compassionate connection and resolution of differences in a peaceful manner with everyone's needs included and valued.

We offer classes in which participants:

  • Learn to identify, connect to, and understand needs in yourself and others
  • Experience the atmosphere of trust, harmony, and connection that naturally arises when feelings and needs are openly expressed
  • Learn practical skills to communicate without criticism, blame, or painful misunderstandings
  • Deepen intimacy and understanding of self and others
  • Foster honesty, mutual respect, and productive exchanges
  • Build skills to effectively handle conflict, emotional intensity, and tension
  • Experience the power of empathy to liberate natural compassion and heal pain
  • Promote both inner and world peace

To find out about our next course offering contact Judy Burrill at 607-255-5027.