Compassionate Communication


Compassionate Communication strengthens our ability to listen and speak in ways that increase understanding, trust, and connection. It shows us how to translate criticism, judgment, and blame into life serving messages. It gives us concrete skills for resolving conflicts and healing relationships. While fostering empathy and respect, Compassionate Communication creates a desire to have everyone’s needs matter, moving us away from patterns of domination to partnership.

We offer classes, workshops, and coaching in which you learn to:

  • Speak authentically and in a way that can be easily heard and understood by others
  • Increase your understanding and compassion for yourself and others
  • Use practical skills to communicate without criticism, blame, or painful misunderstandings while sharing what matters to you
  • Experience the power of empathy to liberate natural compassion
  • Defuse heated situations before they lead to conversations that may be regretted
  • Prevent and resolve conflicts by increasing understanding, trust, and mutual respect
  • Promote both inner and world peace

Compassionate Communication trainer and coach, Judy Burrill, has completed the Center for Nonviolent Communication’s Parent Peer Leadership Program, a part of the Peaceful Families, Peaceful World Project. She has also completed hundreds of hours of NVC trainings, has led numerous classes, workshops, and practice groups, and has been a mediator since 2006.

Contact Judy Burrill for more information at 607-255-5027.