Local Investing Resource Center

The Local Investing Resource Center is a project partner of CTA that was founded in 2012 by James Frazier.  Our mission is to help expand local investment into small businesses and nonprofits nationwide by offering online educational resources and public advocacy for local investing. 

Local investing benefits communities by helping them to become more financially self-sufficient, keeping their citizens’ investment dollars circulating in the local economy instead of being parked in banks and brokerage accounts, and by building networks of trusted local relationships.  Small businesses and nonprofits in a wide range of industries, including small farms, manufacturers, retailers, and service providers, have been recipients of local investment in many successful initiatives around the country.  Our ultimate goal is to help build a thriving culture of local investing in communities everywhere, catalyzing a locally-powered economic revolution that will help create a more just and sustainable society for ourselves and future generations.

On our website, we focus on supporting investors, for- and non-profit entrepreneurs, and community organizers by providing free step-by-step guides to all aspects of local investing, tools to facilitate sharing of information among practitioners, and inspiring local investing news and interviews.  We publish a monthly E-newsletter and publish actively on Facebook and Twitter.  Our team speaks publicly at conferences and other gatherings, and gives interviews on local investing issues.  We support our project financially through the generosity of donors and the sale of tax-deductible memberships which give access to premium content on our website and other benefits.

This project is a real team effort.  Our project coordinator is James Frazier, Certified Financial Planner™, a financial advisor specializing in Sustainable, Responsible, and Impact (SRI) investing with Natural Investments, LLC, and a founding member of LION (Local Investing Opportunities Network) of Port Townsend, WA, whose members have invested over $3 million locally since 2006.  Kate Poole is our Social Media Consultant.  Our Advisory Board members are Michael Shuman, noted author, speaker, and Fellow at BALLE (Business Alliance of Local Living Economies); Jenny Kassan, securities attorney specializing in local investing and CEO of Cutting Edge Capital; Amy Pearl, Founder and Executive Director of Springboard Innovation; Greg Pitts, financial advisor with Natural Investments; and Michael Brownlee, local investing catalyst and co-founder of Local Food Shift based in Boulder, Colorado.