Project Partner Eligibility


Applicants must meet the following criteria to become a CTA Project Partner:

  • Project must be located in New York State, although programming can occur outside of the state.
  • Project does not have 501(c )3 status for proposed work under CTA.
  • Project must demonstrate an innovative approach to addressing a social issue.
  • Project must manifest the principles of Transformative Action, through its programming and/or organizational approach.
  • Project must have a not-for-profit purpose.
  • Projects outside of Tompkins County must have a minimum first-year budget of $24,000 and minimum second-year budget of $72,000.

Assessment Criteria

Applications for becoming a CTA Project Partner are evaluated on several criteria to assess both the strength of the applicants as well as the strength of the project idea. Here are the main components of assessment:

1. The Applicant(s):
  • Purpose / Passion: Applicants exhibits strong passion and commitment for the program area in which they plan to work, as well as personal integrity.
  • Resilience: Applicants have demonstrated ability to overcome obstacles.
  • Leadership: Applicants have demonstrated leadership potential
  • Ability to Attract Resources: Applicants are capable of attracting money, people and other resources to cause.
2. The Project / Idea:
  • Innovation: Project is innovative and demonstrates new approach
  • Importance: Project addresses serious social problem.
  • Transformative: Project will be a manifestation of the principles of Transformative Action.
  • Potential for Bold Impact: Project has clear potential for tangible impact to the beneficiary population.
  • A Good Organizational Model: Project has a clear and compelling mission and objectives, and has given real thought to program development and delivery, ways to measure success, raising money, and other key factors indicating potential for sustainability.