Vitamin L

Vitamin L chorus members

Every year, Vitamin L inspires thousands of children with transformative messages delivered through the magic of song. Vitamin L makes meaningful connections with children through music - inspiring them to grow into adults with personal integrity who treat others with dignity and respect.

The Vitamin L Project is a unique, innovative, music-based character education project for young people founded in 1989 by songwriter Jan Nigro and his wife, Executive Director Janice Nigro.

Vitamin L’s original character-building music is available on four award-winning CDs and via live concerts.  Each year, Jan and the Vitamin L chorus, a diverse group of young singers, ages 11 – 21, perform 50 -60 concerts at elementary schools and special events in Central New York and beyond.

The purpose of the Vitamin L Project is to encourage positive character development in young people through the powerful medium of music. The songs have meaningful positive messages and uplifting ideas. Our goal is that our youth chorus members and our audiences absorb the lessons of tolerance, respect, cooperation, kindness, perseverance and confidence presented in the songs, and integrate these concepts in ways that help them make positive choices and have healthy relationships with their families, their friends and the world around them. Our goal is to reach and positively influence as many children as possible. Vitamin L at Ithaca Festival 2011

The Vitamin L Project has had, and continues to have, a transformative influence on youth who spend years performing with the group and on those who grow up listening to our music.

To listen to music samples, view concert footage, and learn more, please go to their website.

“What an absolute precious, precious gift you are sharing with young people. I think if more young people had the opportunity from an early age to experience something like this, the world would be a very different place.” Yolanda King – late daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr.


Janice Nigro,