Sustainability Center


The Sustainability Center, one of the first of its kind in the country, provides a place where residents, students and visitors to Tompkins County can learn about our community's collective efforts to protect the environment through proactive initiatives led by individuals, businesses, government, non-profits, the campuses, and other sectors. The Sustainability Center's gallery and programs  spotlight and celebrate these efforts, with the goal of encouraging and inspiring visitors to the Center on the real-world merits of sustainability.

The Center opens with a local / regional focus on innovative programs and projects, and will expand its reach and audience with the goal of becoming a model to be shared with other communities.

The Center appeals to four major audiences:

  • visitors who want to explore and experience, firsthand, sustainability efforts in Tompkins County;
  • residents who want to learn more about community events, businesses and organizations, and how to become involved;
  • non-profits and businesses that can benefit from the promotion of their goods and services and the assistance of student interns;
  • and students wishing to engage in community sustainability projects, internships and work-study positions.

The Sustainability Center was developed by a small group of local leaders that sought to create a physical place in which to engage the wider community in local solutions to global sustainability challenges and opportunities. The Center is supported, in part, by grants from the Park Foundation and Tompkins Charitable Gift Fund. An Advisory Board, Interim Director and several interns and volunteers are leading its operation.