Third Root Education Exchange

The Third Root Education Exchange (TREE) recently joined CTA as a new Project Partner. Located in Brooklyn, New York, TREE specifically aims to reach individuals in the community who have been excluded from quality and culturally-relevant kinds of healthcare through community health forums, educational workshops, specialized yoga classes, and direct outreach. The TREE will provide scholarships for local and low-income people of color to attend our ongoing Herbal Education Program, and will cover a large portion of the costs of treatments and classes for people on the lowest end of our sliding scale.  

This project is the educational outreach part of the Third Root Community Health Center. Some of the goals of the project include:

  • Specialized yoga classes for specific groups (yoga for veterans, yoga for formerly incarcerated people, queer/trans yoga) every week.
  • Secular meditation classes offered free/by donation, several times weekly.
  • Monthly social wellness events -- film screenings, demonstrations, skill sharing -- encouraging interpersonal connections through community healing. 
  • Quarterly health forums with healthcare practitioners and providers, as an opportunity for different communities to talk about what kind of healthcare they want at Third Root. 
  • Periodic health forums of local community healers to share knowledge already existing in the community.
  • Panels with paid speakers, offered freely to the public. 
  • Ongoing scholarship opportunities to attend Herbal Education courses at Third Root Community Health Center, where folks learn how to make safe and effective herbal remedies. 
  • A referral list of doctors, healthcare providers, and other professionals with whom we have built relationships, for services not offered at Third Root. 
  • A well-trained staff who are committed and have access to continuous professional development.