Model C Project Services

In the Pre-Approved Grant Fiscal Sponsorship relationship (Model C), your project does not belong to CTA (as is the case with the "Model A" Comprehensive Sponsorship). Instead, your project is a separate entity responsible for managing your own tax reporting and liability issues.

CTA's role is simply to assure that your Project will use the grant funds we have received on your behalf to accomplish the ends described in the grant proposal. As recommended in the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors Guidelines, CTA:

  • Acts as the legal and ethically accountable organization that maintains a restricted fund for the benefit of the purposes of your project.

  •  Commits to timely reporting on the restricted project funds to your project leaders.

  • Seeks to assure that project funders receive the timely, accurate and comprehensive reports on project performance that they require, in partnership with project leaders.

  • Communicates as necessary and appropriate with your project's donor(s), institutional grantmakers, or funding agency(ies) in ways that supplement project leader communications.

  • Establishes and maintains processes for ensuring frequent communication between our administrative staff and your project leaders.

  • Facilitates a process for gathering candid assessments of the quality of our services from your project leaders and other key stakeholders, using the results to improve our service.

  • When terminating or separating your project, we will consult with the original donors where appropriate or required; transfer remaining restricted funds and/or project assets to a successor charity; and/or otherwise reach a responsible decision about disposition of remaining your project assets that concurs with the original purposes for which they were acquired.

A downloadable template of CTA's agreement with Model C projects is provided to the right.