Project Application

Thank you for your interest in applying to become a CTA Project.

Please note that due to the large number of projects currently under our umbrella, the CTA board of directors has established a temporary moratorium on project applications that have an anticipated budget of less than $150,000.

Please review the Process of becoming a Project before submitting an application for fiscal sponsorship. If, after discussion with the CTA staff, you wish to apply for fiscal sponsorship for your unincorporated community-benefit project, please download an application* (at right), fill it out in 12-point font, and submit a completed application by email to CTA Director Anke Wessels, according to our submission deadlines (listed below).

*For projects seeking Model C Pre-Approved Grant Fiscal Sponsorship, please contact us for the application guidelines at 607-255-6202.

After completing steps 1-4 of the Process, please submit your final application by email to Anke in accordance with these deadlines:

  • For review beginning in October, please submit your final application by September 15
  • For review beginning in February, please submit your application by January 15
  • For review beginning in May, please submit your application by April 15
  • For review beginning in August, please submit your application by June 15 (the Board of Directors does not meet in July)

Final applications are submitted to our Program and Finance committees before they go to the full Board of Directors for review.

Questions? Call us at 607-255-6202.

Project "Model A" Application Tips

Be specific in your answers. Each response has a word limit to help you develop clarity of mission and purpose by honing your answers to their essential, most compelling elements.  Don’t waste time with vague generalities. Instead, provide concrete examples with statistics and demonstrate a clear connection between your experience, your work, and your goals.

Don’t wait until the last minute to start an application. The best answers are those that are well thought out and reflective as well as to the point. Therefore, time should be built in for several rounds of proofreading. If you would like clarification on any aspects of the application, please email us at or call us at 607-255-5027.

Make sure you understand Transformative Action. We have a specific definition of Transformative Action. Read What is Transformative Action? carefully, and provide specific examples in which your Project reflects these principles.

Provide realistic first and second-year budgets. As part of our assessment process, we look for a good organizational model, which includes demonstration of financial viability as well as a compelling mission, program delivery, and measures of effectiveness. While it is likely that you haven’t yet raised funds without the tax-exempt status, we do expect that you have a funding strategy and have demonstrated potential for strong financial support. To help you communicate this potential, we ask that you submit first and second -year budgets. These budgets should be realistic, show detail regarding expense and revenue streams, and indicate how you will grow or sustain your project after the start-up phase. We encourage you to establish funding and organizational capacity (i.e., advisory board members, partnerships, volunteers) before your project embarks on any significant programmatic activity. Please use our budget template (downloaded at right) to provide the information.  When downloading the template, be sure to use Microsoft Excel and to "enable macros." If you can't download the budget template, let us know and we will email a copy to you.

Provide appropriate résumés of your Project leaders as well as references. Your résumés should clearly state your qualifications to lead the project. We seek project leaders who have demonstrated their interest, passion, and leadership abilities through their previous work and experiences. Focus on relevant skills and experiences that demonstrate your qualifications. Be sure to detail your connection to the community your project will engage and serve.

Advisory Board members should be active partners, not impressive names on paper. We require that every CTA Project Partner maintain an Advisory Board with a minimum of five persons. While an Advisory Board does not carry legal responsibility (This is borne by the CTA Board of Directors), it is expected to function very much like a non-profit Board of Directors. For the success of your project and CTAs oversight, it is imperative that you choose individuals who will be active partners, working with you on strategic planning, annual budgets, the selection and supervision of staff, and adherence to all CTA policies.