Our Projects are social ventures that practice and exemplify Transformative Action. They employ pattern-breaking ideas to address pressing social problems.

CTA currently provides fiscal sponsorship to eighteen Projects. Our Projects are an integral part of our center, qualifying for charitable donations and grants available only to tax-exempt organizations. They also benefit from our mentorship, business services, and the credibility and accountability that come with decades of successful, progressive social change work.

If your organization in New York State needs fiscal sponsorship, click here to find out how to apply for non-profit status under our 501(c)3 umbrella. You can also click on each project below to learn more about how our projects promote social change.

Bike Walk Tompkins Thumb

Bike Walk Tompkins

Bike Walk Tompkins is a recently launched organization that focuses on advocating, educating, and motivating Ithaca and Tompkins County to improve conditions that make walking & biking safe and accessible for people of all ages and skill levels.  
Cayuga Lake Floating Classroom Thumb

Cayuga Lake Floating Classroom

Cayuga Lake Floating Classroom provides experiential learning opportunities and promotes academic achievement, environmental literacy, and lifelong relationships with the waterways that define our communities. 
Centre d'Education Inclusif Project Thumb

Centre d'Education Inclusif Project

Centre d’Education Inclusif Project is a US-based organization that garners resources and funding for the Centre d’Education Inclusif, Haiti's first inclusive primary school in Les Cayes, Haiti.
CurrentCast Thumb


The mission of CurrentCast is to educate the public about water issues, promote an appreciation for aquatic environments, and encourage an educated discussion about this critical resource. 
Committee on U.S.-Latin American Relations (CUSLAR) Thumb

Committee on U.S.-Latin American Relations (CUSLAR)

The Committee on U.S.-Latin American Relations (CUSLAR) works for peace, justice, and greater mutual understanding in U.S.-Latin American relations through education, solidarity and support of human rights. CUSLAR supports the right of the people of Latin America and the Caribbean to self-determination, and supports their efforts to free themselves from a legacy of colonialism, exploitation, and oppression.
Dorothy Cotton Institute Thumb

Dorothy Cotton Institute

The Dorothy Cotton Institute envisions the full realization of a just and peaceful Beloved Community in which all people understand, respect, protect and exercise full human rights. We believe that with a global community of human rights leadership, and a well informed, inspired and motivated population, in the United States and elsewhere, the goal of human rights for all can be achieved.
Durland Alternatives Library Thumb

Durland Alternatives Library

The Durland Alternatives Library is located on the Cornell campus and is free and open to everyone. The collection is comprised of books, periodicals and audio-visual materials focusing on cutting edge work in ecology, community, renewable energy, alternative health, organic agriculture and gardening, world cultures, global issues, domestic politics and policies, spirituality and a variety of materials on sustainable living.
Groundswell Center for Local Food and Farming Thumb

Groundswell Center for Local Food and Farming

Groundswell's mission is to help diverse learners develop the skills, knowledge and access to resources that they need to build more equitable and sustainable local food systems. With our hands-on, farmer-led educational programs, we hope to nurture the next generation of aspiring farmers, gardeners and food system activists.
Human Rights Educators USA Thumb

Human Rights Educators USA

The mission of Human Rights Educators USA is to promote human dignity, justice, and peace by cultivating an expansive, vibrant base of support for Human Rights Education (HRE) in the United States.
Ithaca City of Asylum Thumb

Ithaca City of Asylum

Ithaca City of Asylum (ICOA) is dedicated to providing sanctuary to writers whose works are suppressed, whose lives are threatened, whose cultures are vanishing, or whose languages are endangered.
Learn@EcoVillageIthaca Thumb


EcoVillage at Ithaca (EVI) is part of a growing global movement for a saner, more sustainable human culture. It is developing an alternative model for suburban living, which provides a satisfying, healthy, socially rich lifestyle, while minimizing ecological impacts. Learn@EcoVillageIthaca offers a variety of hands-on, experiential learning programs including those of the Groundswell Center for Local Food & Farming.
Local Investing Resource Center Thumb

Local Investing Resource Center

The mission of the Local Investing Resource Center is to expand investment by local investors into small businesses and nonprofits in communities across the country.  We will do this by creating a non-profit website and advocacy center that will educate and support local businesses, local investors, and local investing networks nationwide.

Lyson Center

The Lyson Center produces the the Food Systems Journal, the world's only peer-reviewed, applied research journal on food system-based community development. 
Memory Maker Project Thumb

Memory Maker Project

The Memory Maker Project (MMP) is a grassroots cultural access and advocacy organization for people living with Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of memory loss.
Sustainability Center Thumb

Sustainability Center

The Sustainability Center, one of the first of its kind in the country, provides a place where residents, students and visitors to Tompkins County can learn about our community's collective efforts to protect the environment through proactive initiatives led by individuals, businesses, government, non-profits, the campuses, and other sectors.
Third Root Education Exchange Thumb

Third Root Education Exchange

The Third Root Education Exchange (TREE) recently joined CTA as a new Project Partner. Located in Brooklyn, New York, TREE specifically aims to reach individuals in the community who have been excluded from quality and culturally-relevant kinds of healthcare through community health forums, educational workshops, specialized yoga classes, and direct outreach.
Vitamin L Thumb

Vitamin L

The purpose of the Vitamin L project is to spread love and goodwill, and to encourage positive character development through music, by inspiring young people with messages that are meaningful in their daily lives.
Wood's Earth Living Classroom Thumb

Wood's Earth Living Classroom

Wood’s Earth Living Classroom fosters community relationships tocultivate an underdeveloped yet crucial component of the Ithaca areafood system—sourcing healthy, local food for our public schools. Webelieve that youth and community can actively build a moresustainable, cohesive food system by building partnerships to improveschool food.